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Mama’s Girl

Introducing Kani Kouture's Mama's Girl Collection – Celebrate Unconditional Love with Style!


🌸 Essential Collar Set:

Pamper your precious pup with our stylish Essential Collar Set. This set is not just an accessory; it's a symbol of the unbreakable bond you share.

🌟 Essential Adventure Set:

Embark on unforgettable adventures with your furry best friend. Our Adventure Set includes a sturdy leash, adventure harness, and a leash bow tie that will make your pup the star of every outing.

🔗 Essential Adjustable Set:

Versatility meets elegance with our Adjustable Set. Featuring an adjustable collar and leash, it's designed for the perfect fit. The included leather poop bag dispenser ensures you're always ready for cleanup.

👜 Leather Poop Bag Dispenser:

Cleaning up after your dog has never been this stylish. Our leather dispenser combines practicality with sophistication.

🦴 Leash:

Crafted for both comfort and durability, our leashes are perfect for daily walks and adventures. Choose from a range of designs to match your pup's personality.

🎀 Leash Bow Tie:

Elevate your dog's leash game with a charming bow tie accessory. Whether it's a special occasion or just a fun stroll, this accessory adds a touch of whimsy.

🔗 Adjustable Collar:

Our adjustable collar ensures the perfect fit for dogs of all sizes. It's the ultimate blend of fashion and functionality.

🚀 Adventure Leather Harness:

When it's time for outdoor fun, our Adventure Leather Harness offers both comfort and control. Ideal for active dogs, it keeps them secure and happy.

🌈 Adjustable Leather Harness:

Versatile and comfortable, our Adjustable Leather Harness is perfect for leisurely walks or energetic play. It's designed to keep your pup content and secure.

Celebrate the extraordinary bond you share with your furry companion in style with Kani Kouture's Mama's Girl Collection. Discover the perfect blend of fashion and function, crafted with love for your four-legged family member. Shop now and let your pup's inner diva shine! 🐾🌟💖

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