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Scarlett Luxe

Introducing the Elegance of "Scarlett Luxe" Collection: Where Style and Adventure Converge

Elevate your dog's presence with the timeless sophistication of Kani Kouture's "Scarlett Luxe" Collection. This meticulously curated assortment includes essential collars, adventure sets, adjustable sets, and accessories that redefine elegance while ensuring your pup's comfort during every escapade.

Unveil Luxury with Premium Harnesses

Our collection of adventure and adjustable leather harnesses encapsulates luxury and functionality. Designed for a secure fit and maximum comfort, these harnesses provide unparalleled control during explorations, whether strolling through city streets or immersing in the great outdoors.

Strut with Poise and Control

Complete your dog's ensemble with our range of leashes and leash bow ties, offering a blend of elegance and control. These leashes redefine walks, showcasing your dog's charm while ensuring a secure experience.

Elevate Every Moment with Accessory Glamour

From leather poop bag dispensers to adjustable collars, our collection of dog accessories blends convenience and style seamlessly. These accessories are an embodiment of your dedication to your dog's comfort and individuality.

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Scarlett Luxe



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