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How to Train a Reactive Dog: Tips from a Dog Behaviourist

How to Train a Reactive Dog: Tips from a Dog Behaviourist

Has your dog ever shown signs of leash reactivity? Well you’re certainly not alone. Knowing how to train a reactive dog was the subject of an email we received recently from a Pretty Fluffy reader:

Do you have any training advice for reactive dogs?

My nearly 10 year old cavoodle has become dog reactive after a bad experience in a doggy daycare. Before this happened she was so lovely to all dogs. Now it’s random, one dog will go past and she’s ok. But the next dog that walks by, she just loses it!”

If you’re a pet parent who can relate, the good news is it’s never too late to start training a reactive dog.

But first, you need to understand your dog’s behaviour – and what caused their reactivity to begin with.

So to answer all your questions on dog reactivity, we’ve enlisted the help of our resident expert – Sydney-based dog behaviourist, Sophia Gillis.

Read on to see the top reasons why dogs become reactive in the first place, as well as Sophia’s expert dog training tips to help calm your reactive dog – and create a happier home.

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